Chem review work sheets

Here are some review sheets for the chem unit.

Day XX – Unit review – old manual

Phung/Sadar Chem Lab

Lab – Double displacement

Above is the file for your lab on Friday. Please make sure you have your prelab complete or else you will not be permitted into class.

Respiratory System Diseases

The Ontario Science Centre Field Trip Project

Below is the project that goes along with our trip to the Ontario Science Centre (OSC). It is worth 15% of your final grade. The trip to the OSC will be held on Tues, Dec 6 and costs $20.

OSC Project

Cell Cycle animations

•Cell interactive

•Mitosis animation

•Video animation

•Interactive quiz

Nelson weblinks

Check this out for the weblinks in the margin of your textbook

SNC 2P Climate Change Project

Here is the climate change research assignment

SNC 2P – Climate Technology Project